LSAT Logic Games 2nd Ed. (LSAT Test Preparation) by Robert Webking

LSAT Logic Games 2nd Ed. (LSAT Test Preparation)

Book Title: LSAT Logic Games 2nd Ed. (LSAT Test Preparation)

Publisher: Research & Education Association

ISBN: 0738609102

Release Date: 2011-02-09

Author: Robert Webking

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Robert Webking with LSAT Logic Games 2nd Ed. (LSAT Test Preparation)

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REA’s LSAT Logic Games Test Prep Gets You Ready for the LSAT! 
Updated Second Edition 
Written by Dr. Robert Webking, co-founder of the University of Texas at El Paso Law School Preparation Institute, our LSAT Logic Games test prep shows law school candidates like you how to master the Analytical Reasoning section of the exam and score higher on the LSAT.  
One hundred practice LSAT logic games cover every type of logic problem that may appear on the actual LSAT. Detailed answer explanations to each game show you how to analyze the game, helping you to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses before test day. 
The author analyzes what many students find most challenging about the Analytical Reasoning questions – the language. Our test prep shows you how to read and interpret the often-confusing questions, so you can quickly determine what’s being asked and answer correctly.  
LSAT Logic Games teaches you comprehensive deduction methodologies as the means to identify and approach each game type. Advanced diagram strategies and rules for each game type guide you through solving problems, so you’ll be prepared for the LSAT.  
The book is packed with LSAT test-taking tips and advice that help avoid time-wasting errors. Our detailed Question and Answer Analysis provides even greater insight into each logic game.  
Get the competitive edge with the test prep authored by one of the nation’s top LSAT experts!