Motivational Leadership in Early Childhood Education by Lynn Marotz

Motivational Leadership in Early Childhood Education

Book Title: Motivational Leadership in Early Childhood Education

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1418018686

Author: Lynn Marotz

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Lynn Marotz with Motivational Leadership in Early Childhood Education

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Motivational Leadership addresses one of the most challenging workplace issues facing employers today: the ability to encourage employees' creativity, productivity, and long-term commitment to an organization. Studies consistently show that low employee morale and high turnover rates are common in early childhood programs and, in turn, affect the quality of services provided for children and families. Written specifically for the early childhood field, this resource respects and acknowledges the unique challenges faced in early education settings. It is written in a reader-friendly style and offers a wealth of everyday strategies and innovative ideas for motivating employee performance. The basic principles of motivational theory are explained in an easy-to-understand manner and practical ideas for increasing staff morale, encouraging quality performance, and retaining employees are discussed. Each chapter includes connecting points, case studies, and application activities to illustrate and reinforce the content. Quotes by notable individuals add to reader interest and emphasize the critical importance of motivational leadership skills. Additional references (books, articles, and web resources) are also provided.